Here are some screenshots (using the in game screenshot feature, thanks Capcom!) of my travels, the valiant strider Jenny and her stalwart companion Zhantia the Sorcerer. 

Dragon’s Dogma is the closest I’ve ever felt like playing a true pen and paper D&D game in any videogame. I’ve read a few reviews and the game seems to be panned for not accommodating the player with difficulty levels and whatnot…

The thing to remember while you play it is that it’s a >JAPANESE< game. So unlike Western RPG’s like Dragons Age and Skyrim where just whacking something long enough will kill it. Here you will need to use strategy or you’ll die. So that ogre you encounter in that narrow mineshaft? Do not just stab it in the kneecaps…but shoot arrows in its head, douse it in oil, set it afire and when it goes to its knees stab it in the eye… 

And no, do not hunt Wyverns at level 15 ;-)

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